If you’re looking for a food and travel podcast that will whet your appetite for an amazing trip, this round up is the best of The Travel Bite Podcast. The following episodes will tempt your tastebuds and take your imagination on a culinary journey around the globe — from an epic dumpling trail, to Caribbean cuisine, learning about Seoul food in South Korea, harvesting cacao in Ecuador, Irish foods and Gaelic lessons, comforting Welsh cuisine, and South African BBQ. You can listen to each episode below, or download the shows to your phone using the Podbean Player for iPhone or Podbean on Google Play.

Irish Foods with Chef Kevin Dundon

During this episode, Rachelle sits down with Chef Kevin Dundon at his hotel and cooking school in Ireland, Dunbrody House.  They talk about about Irish Foods (here’s a hint: corned beef isn’t Irish), Kevin’s inspiration for cooking, some of his childhood favorites that he’s reinvented into modern desserts, and the 10 year anniversary of Raglan Road Irish Pub in Orlando.

Emilia Romagna’s Treasure Of Italian Food

Take a culinary journey through the Emilia Romagna region of Italy. The capitol of Emilia Romagna, Bologna, is nicknamed “the fat one” for a reason. Some of the most delicious Italian foods hail from the area! Mouthwatering treats like gelato, prosciutto, Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, and pasta Bolognese are all from here. There’s also known for wine, fast cars, and beautiful historic cities. During this episode, Rachelle chats with her friend Nick about what delicious gems you’ll find in each city throughout the region. This food and travel podcast will leave you hungry!

Taste The Far East On The West Coast In Richmond BC

If you’re a foodie, Richmond BC needs to be on your list of places to visit. Only 20 minutes from Vancouver is a small town with a big appetite, home to over 800 restaurants and one of the highest concentrations of Asian cuisine in North America. Here, you can taste the “Far East” on the west coast and indulge in their dumpling trail too. During this episode, Rachelle chats with her friends Lesley and Joyce about all there is to eat in Richmond.

Lucky Rice With Danielle Chang

During this episode, Rachelle chats with Danielle Chang, founder of LUCKYRICE festivals, host of Lucky Chow on PBS and author of Lucky Rice: Stories and Recipes from Night Markets, Feasts, and Family Tables. Danielle has traveled the world exploring Asian cuisine and has a quite a few fun stories about street foods, delicious recipes to try, and tips for kitchen tools she can’t live with out.  Find out more at her website luckyrice.com

Seoul Food And A Fun Korean Lesson

Learn more about the Seoul Food scene and it’s traditional tea houses, modern coffee shops, and the top things you should taste when visiting South Korea! During our visit, we practically ate our way through Seoul trying everything from comforting bowls of bibimbap in Insa-dong, to fine dining with a view of the city at Seoul Tower, to rolling up our sleeves for traditional grilled Korean barbeque, and a whole lot street foods. Learn about what to eat, see, and do when visitng Seoul. We also go over a few good Korean words and phrases to know that will help you navigate the city of Seoul during your visit. Be sure to also see our guide on Seoul Food: A Culinary Itinerary.

South African Foods & Winemaking

This delicious episode was Rachelle’ first food and travel podcast. Recorded live on location in Stellenbosch, South Africa, Rachelle chats with a local foodie and blogger, Natalie from Tailsofamermaid.com about South Afrian BBQ styles, road trip food, and wine. You’ll also learn more about the history of winemaking in South Africa with a winemaker at Jordan Wines.

Croatian Coasts & Cuisine

Across the Adriatic Sea from Italy is a gem of a destination for food and wine lovers – Croatia. With over 1,000 islands, epic waterfalls, and ancient Roman cities, there’s plenty to see as well. During this episode, Rachelle chats with her friend Mia Salazar about all there is to see, do, and taste in the small country of Croatia.

New Zealand Must Taste Food & Wine

A trip to New Zealand might be closer than you think. During this episode, Rachelle chats with Adriena about the best routes to get there, the top five things to see in New Zealand, the longest place name in the world, and of course — must-taste food and wine.

Ecuadorian Cocoa and Pacari Chocolate

The origin of cocoa is … Ecuador? For the fin aromatic Arriba cocoa, indeed it is. During this episode, Rachelle chats with Francisco of the Internationally acclaimed award-winning Pacari Chocolate about the origin of chocolate, different types of cocoa, flavors of the Andes Mountains, and the importance of sustainable biodynamic farming in the rain forest.

Welsh Cuisine

Rachelle chats with Welsh food expert, Sian Bassett Roberts of Loving Welsh Food, about deliciously comforting Welsh cuisine. Learn about the origin of Welsh cakes, how Welsh rarebit got its name, as well as Welsh words to know when visiting this welcoming country in Great Britain.

Irish Desserts & Gaelic Lessons

During The Travel Bite Podcast: Episode 4, find out what it’s like to enter a food competition and win!  Rachelle chats with photographer and food blogger Aaron Van Swearingen of ThatDarnCarrot.com about his winning dish for the Raglan Road Master Chef Competition.  Rachelle also chats with Aileen, who works for Raglan Road Irish Pub, about some useful Gaelic phrases to know and some must-taste Irish desserts.

A Taste Of Spain

Tapas, anyone? During this episode, Rachelle chats with Emilio and Lael of GoAhead Tours about the food, wine, and flavors of Barcelona, San Sebastion, and the Rioja region of Spain.

Farm-To-Table In the Cayman Islands

When it comes to the Cayman Islands, you might think of stunning beaches, great diving, and fresh seafood. But there’s actually quite a bit of farming too that puts them ahead of the curve in terms of the farm-to-table dining movement in the Caribbean.

Cuban Cuisine

If Cuba has been on your list of destinations to see, now is definitley the perfect time to go! During this episode, Rachelle chats with Sonia Laguna about Cuban cuisine and what to see and do on this island nation. From immersing yourself in the culture, to dining out at paladares, to meeting top chefs, visiting art gallaries, and even enjoying Cuba’s famous rum and cigars.

Youngest American To Visit Every Country In The World

Lee Abbamonte is the youngest American to visit every country in the world, traveling to 318 countries and even stepping foot on both the North and South Poles. In addition to being a global adventurer, he’s also an entrepreneur and sought after travel expert that’s frequently featured in publications like Conde Nast Traveler, Washington Post, and New York Times. You may have also seen him on television as he’s appeared on The Travel Channel and the Discovery Channel just to name a few. During this episode, Rachelle chats with Lee about the places he’s been, where he’s going next, and his newest goal … climbing the Seven Summits, the highest mountain on each continent.


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