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Accomodation is one of the biggest costs people have while traveling. Of course, part of the fun of travel is actually saving for all the things you’ll need while traveling. It gives you something to look forward to, right?!

But at the same time, spending a large portion of your travel funds on accomodation is not ideal. Did you know, however, that there is a way for you to spend your travel funds on everything but accomodation?!

We’re here to give you the low-down on how to travel and have free accomodation. Sound too good to be true? Trust us, it’s not. Keep reading to find out more!

House Sit

How to have free accomodation while traveling - house sit!

House sitting is a bit of a win if you’re into having accomodation all to yourself while traveling. Most house sitters end up looking after an entire apartment or house.

Plus you get all the comforts of being in a house (hello coffee machine, comfy couch and large screen TV!).

Not only can you live in your accomodation for free, but house sitting can also be a way to earn money while traveling – if the owners have pets! 

Home owners often seek out a house sitter so that they can also have someone look after their pets. Because not everyone can travel with pets. A total win for all you fellow travelers and animal lovers out there.

Couch Surf

How to have free accomodation while traveling  - couch surf!

Want a way to get to know a variety of people while traveling? Then couch surfing is perfect you!

What is couch surfing? Essentially it means your accomodation is being a guest at people’s houses, and being comfortable with using slightly different options for sleep (e.g. like a couch).

While it sounds like a really informal arrangement, there’s a whole online community behind it. Hosts have to include a profile, users can rate their experience and people can (and should) be verified online.

Generally speaking, couch surfing hosts are really friendly people who love to show travelers local sights and sounds. Hosts tend to be travelers themselves, so they’ll know how to show you a good time and understand the draw of free accomodation!

Home Exchange

How to have free accomodation while traveling  - do a home exchange!

A home exchange is a really easy way to travel and have free accomodation. The only catch is you’ll need to own your own place (or have a really great landlord who is comfortable with you subleasing your rental).

A home exchange can take you all over the world, and you can relax knowing your home is being taken care of, while you look after someone else’s home. 

A home exchange can be particularly handy if you are traveling with a family and might need a slightly larger place to stay in that’s also inexpensive.

Work Exchange

How to have free accomodation while traveling - do a work exchange!

If you’re happy to juggle work with travel, and get free accomodation, then a work exchange is for you!

Work exchanges generally include working for small organizations or families, so you could be teaching English, helping out on a farm, working in a restaurant or a hostel or babysitting as one of your jobs. 

In addition to having a place to stay at no-cost, perks include meeting fellow work exchange travelers and a bunch of locals, and sharing your skills and expertise.

Just be mindful that you may have to work your travel activities around your job.

Loyalty Programs 

How to have free accomodation while traveling  - use loyalty programs.

It pays to be loyal!

Frequent flyer programs often allow you to put your air points towards things like accommodation, so why not make the most of this?!

Similarly, most credit cards offer travel rewards (including air points) through your purchases. So, be sure to use your card on necessary daily expenses, and then put your rewards toward some free accommodation!

Pro tip: Alyssa swears by Chase Sapphire Reserve, which also includes Global Entry, and most importantly…a free Priority Pass for airport lounge access!


How to have free accomodation while traveling - go camping.

The OG way to travel and have free accomodation!

A lot of countries allow freedom camping, aka wild camping. Which means you can pitch up a tent on public land for no-cost (unlike campsites where you often have to pay a fee).

All you’ll need is some camping gear – you know like a tent, sleeping bag, flashlights, marshmallows and graham crackers (hello smores!)

The sit back, relax and be at one with nature. 

Have A Travel Blog

How to have free accomodation while traveling - have a travel blog!


While having a travel blog won’t lead to free accomodation overnight, with a lot (and we mean a lot) of hard work and dedication it definitely can.

Accomodation providers are often happy to provide free accomodation in exchange for exposure on a blog or social media channels, particularly if you have a large following.

Similarly, writing for a travel magazine may also lead to some free accomodation.

Stay With Family And Friends

How to have free accomodation while traveling  - stay with family and friends!

Because it’s fun, and that’s what they’re there for!

Staying with family and friends provides a bunch of perks. Free accomodation, people you know and like to hang out with, and locals who can show you around all the best spots!

Just be mindful of the fact that, while they are your family or friends, you are still a guest in their house – so try to be on your best behaviour!

Would you try these options to have free accomodation while traveling? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below!

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